Types Of Cells Used In Stem Cell Therapy And Its Growth In India

04th June 2017
Stem cells exist in fat, adult bone marrow, organs, and some tissues have an inherent capability of repairing injured tissues, but in patients suffering from degenerative diseases, these cells are released in the required speed to mend the injured tissue.... Read >

Reforming Hair Loss Treatment With Stem Cells

06th February 2017
Losing hair can be very frustrating and insulting, and for years, people have been looking for different methods to treat hair loss effectively. Presently, people mainly rely on hair transplant to treat hair loss problem. However, things are going to chan... Read >

Growth of Stem Cell treatment in India

06th February 2017
From a number of years surgeons have used stem cells of the skin for growing skin grafts, which are used for treating severe burns, and most of the centers providing this kind of treatment use this kind of Stem Cell treatment for patients suffering from b... Read >