Growth of Stem Cell treatment in India

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Published: 06th February 2017
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From a number of years surgeons have used stem cells of the skin for growing skin grafts, which are used for treating severe burns, and most of the centers providing this kind of treatment use this kind of Stem Cell treatment for patients suffering from burns that are life threatening. Research to improve this technique is still on. Presently, this type of stem cell therapy is considered effectual and safe. However, the scope of Stem Cell treatment is expanding with clinical trials, where stem cells are used for regenerating injured tissues of the bone, heart, liver, cornea, pancreas, and also to treat organ cancers and blood ailments.
Future hopes of the treatment
Some of the advanced research and trials on Stem Cell treatment aims to cure corneal, skin as well as bone injuries and diseases using tissue grafts from the cells of the related organs. The scope of this treatment is still evolving and not all the treatment procedures have been declared safe, but with targeted research and studies carried on with more and more patients, these procedures will hopefully get the approval of regulatory authorities. In fact, Stem Cell treatment in India is also getting popular among patients with severe burns and injuries of bone.

The growth scale in India

Until now, bone marrow transplant has been the most common Stem Cell treatment in India, for treating patients suffering from blood cancers like leukemia. Some of the research shows that Stem Cell treatment can be used to help patients tolerate a transplanted organ. A number of these therapies are under clinical trials only and it will take a few years to get the result of such trials and to determine the extent to which these treatments can be used. Being specialist procedures Stem Cell treatment in India is only carried on in specific centers, which are authorized by health authorities of the country.

Treatments offered

When you are out there to look for Stem Cell treatment in India, it is important to remember that most of the treatments are in the experimental stage only, so make sure that you gather all the facts related to such treatments before undergoing any of them. Some of the renowned centers offer Stem Cell treatment in India for anti-aging, injuries, autism, liver diseases, macular degeneration, stroke, kidney disorders, and many other conditions. Many centers also offer the treatment for treating diabetes. This is also used for facilitating chemotherapy involving very high dosage, as it aids in recovering after the chemotherapy used for treating cancers like multiple myeloma, relapsed testicular cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, etc.

How to select the best center to avail the treatment

Now, there are a number of centers offering Stem Cell treatment in India, and to get the best results and affordable solution, one should compare the services offered by these centers, the kind of injuries they treat, the money they ask for, and also check out patient testimonials to review the services of the centers. With the help of medical tourism, now many patients come to India to avail of affordable and effective Stem Cell treatment procedures. All you need to make sure is that the centers are accredited and capable enough to carry out such specialized procedures.

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