Types Of Cells Used In Stem Cell Therapy And Its Growth In India

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Stem cells exist in fat, adult bone marrow, organs, and some tissues have an inherent capability of repairing injured tissues, but in patients suffering from degenerative diseases, these cells are released in the required speed to mend the injured tissue. When it comes to stem cells derived from fat, these are not released in the body at all. Now, clinical trials have proved that in Stem Cell therapy, these cells can be extracted from the body, concentrated, and then are administered to cure various types of degenerative diseases such as autism, heart failure, cerebral palsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatic arthritis, injury to the spinal cord, and several other ailments.

Types of cells

In Stem Cell therapy, different kinds of stem cells are used. Adult stem cells are one of the kinds, which are extracted from bone marrow, peripheral blood, as well as different parts of the body. These cells are evaluated and purified, once these are harvested, and then only they are transplanted into the patient. The possibility of rejection does not stand in this case, as the cells are derived from the patient only. The used of these stem cells eliminates moral or ethical issues as well. The cells originating from fat or bone marrow can transform into varied types of cells such as liver cells, cartilage cells, nerve cells, etc.

Fat cells and the diseases they are used to cure

Other types of stem cells used for Stem Cell therapy are the fat cells. A number of studies suggest that these cells are equally good at suppressing pathological immune reactions, as they are capable of building new tissues. Autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, and many others are treated using stem cells taken from fat.

The global growth of Stem Cell therapy

The international market of Stem Cell therapy categorizes this treatment according to the therapeutic applications of the therapy and the methods of treatment used. The treatment is further classified into two different kinds of therapy including Allogeneic and Autologous therapy. Until now, western countries dominate the market of stem cell treatment because of the extensive research going on in these countries. However, Asian countries have a bright future and are expected to grow at faster rate in the years to come.

Growth of stem cell treatment in India

India is one such country in Asia, after China that shows a huge potential for development. Government support offered to institutes involved in research and development of Stem Cell therapy in India, is the main reason behind the swift growth. This kind of advanced treatment methods are the need of the hour considering the increasing population of India, and other Asian countries.

With increased funding and awareness, Stem Cell therapy in India is now available at many centers and hospitals. Scientists in India now focus more on research associated with Stem Cell therapy, which ultimately support the growth of this therapy across the globe. Presently, stem cell banks are also being developed to shore up Stem Cell therapy in India, with more and more hospitals now offering stem cell treatment to treat different diseases, the cost of such treatments have also plunged down to a great extent.

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